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Information from: Drum Corps International

Drum corps can be a daunting task to take on. It requires a lot of research into what group to join, its requirements, costs and time schedule. It's important to look into what drum corps really is and consider if it is the right move for each individual that wants to take part. 

In addition to choosing the proper drum corps group, prospective members must also look into the audition process, prepare and attend multiple audition sessions. Considerations towards location, ability to attend audition camps and the cost of drum corps overall must take place. 

The important thing to remember is that prospective members will be given multiple chances to audition each year. At the first audition camp an average of 67% of members will be accepted. Members that are not contracted at the first camp can attend a second audition camp.


“We know that being at camp for the first time can be scary and that a good performer can have a bad weekend," said Stuart Pompel, executive director of Pacific Crest. "So we call some back in January to see what they can do, and what they accomplished over winter break. At the second camp an average of  25% of members are accepted.

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